Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Merge


Orchid Merge

A little Photoshop trickery helps me merge shapes and colors into a fluid design for my contribution to this weeks Photo Challenge.

I started with a single orchid bloom photo you see below. I opened the image in Photoshop where a twirl effect (filter|distort|twirl) was added. The unwanted background was selected with the quick selection tool and deleted. I then opened a new file with a black background more than twice as large as the twirled flower where I selected, copied, and pasted the twirled orchid on to a new layer. That orchid layer was duplicated and rotated 180 degrees and nudged and aligned with the original. Those two layers were merged into one and the healing brush was applied to the seam. the resulting image was rotated slightly and cropped.

And there you have a merging of colors and shapes from a single flower photograph.

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