Travel Theme ~ Sunsets


Pine Island Sunset

Surely, a sunset is God’s daily gift to us. Many places boast of their sunsets but I’m betting those in my corner of the world are as good as they get. At least, I think so!

A stripped bass breaks the surface
As the sunset fades away
And our journey from the Sea of Storms
Takes us home beside the bay.
We go fishing in the ocean
We go traveling back in time
Like the song says ‘teach your children’
To go fishing with their minds. _Jimmy Buffett

Here is a collection of twelve I photographed over a period of time. They were all shot at essentially the same place, within a few yards of each other over a period of several months. The sun setting over the water is twice as stunning because of sol’s reflection.

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Thanks Ailsa for this week’s Travel Theme: Sunsets.