Exotic Zanzibar


Exotic ZanzibarZanzibar. For me just saying “Zanzibar” conjures a

foreign, very exotic, and faraway place.

Bustling Zanzibar

A bustling place of new sights, sounds and aromas.

Ancient Zanzibar

A place of ancient looking shuttered apartments

Exotic Zanzibar

…overlooking narrow, winding alleyways.

Exotic Zanzibar

A place where the architecture is a blend of ancient Persia and India.

Exotic ZanzibarExotic Zanzibar

A place whose people have different customs and beliefs than my own.

Exotic ZanzibarExotic Zanzibar

A place with markets of strange…and aromatic foods.

Exotic Zanzibar

A place where dhows ply the nearby waters as they have for centuries.

Exotic Zanzibar

A place where you can get a damn good gin and tonic.

Oh Zanzibar, you are calling me back!

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