Space Junk


Geometry and the Stuff of LifeGeometry. Geometry, a branch of mathematics, is the language of design. Without it our tall chrome and glass skyscrapers, our planes and cars, our homes and furnishings would not exist. Those little things, those nuts and bolts, screws, and washers, that hold our big things together exist thanks to geometry. In fact, the stuff that holds our stuff together are often, themselves, geometric shapes. They may be circles or squares,  rectangles or hexagons. They may be cubes, or cones, or cylinders, or spirals. What would happen if they were all set free to roam our galaxy as tiny space capsules?

Space Junkis a fanciful look at at some of these mundane, everyday fasteners that cobble our stuff together that have been set free to orbit the universe of my imagination.

Be sure to see how other great minds see geometry.