Not the Brightest Bulb on the String


Not the Brightest Bulb

“be bright and jovial among your guests.” — Shakespeare

Bright. What is bright?

…the light is bright.

…the color is bright.

Ailsa and her Travel Theme are Bright.

But alas, my light bulb is not so bright!

Photographing a glowing light bulb was a challenge.

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If you would like to know more, read on:

The bulb was suspended over white reflective material (foam core) and the same material was placed behind the bulb. I focused manually and then made nine exposures, each one stop apart – four over and four under exposed from the first frame, which was shot at ISO 400 and f8. The resulting nine images were imported into Lightroom and then exported to Photoshop using the “Merger in HDR Pro feature. The resulting image, a composite of the original nine was sent back to Lightroom for final tweaking.

“In this bright future you can’t forget your past.”
Bob Marley