Post Card From India – Ancient Varanasi, It’s Ghats, and the River Ganges


Varanasi is sacred to Hindus and also one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. To me, it epitomizes India. Life in Varanasi happens on the ghats.The scene of pilgrims doing their devotions in the River Ganges at sunrise set against the backdrop of the centuries old temples is probably one of the most impressive sights in the world. Because the city and the River Ganges are sacred every Hindu wants to be cremated there and the funeral pyres burn day and night.

A few random images of this surreal place.Varanasi Varanasi-2 Varanasi-2-2 Varanasi-2-3 Varanasi-3 Varanasi-3-2 Varanasi-3-3 Varanasi-4 Varanasi-4-2 Varanasi-5 Varanasi-5-2 Varanasi-6 Varanasi-6-2 Varanasi-7 Varanasi-7-2 Varanasi-8 Varanasi-8-2 Varanasi-9