Post Card From India – The Elusive Widows of Vrindavan


Vrindavan, located on the banks of the Yumuna River, is the birth place of Hinduism’s Lord Krishna. The town is filled with hundreds of temples and ashrams and is home to several thousand widows and destitute women. It is these widows we came to see. They live in rather austere conditions in ashrams, or rooms run by the government or NGOs. Their only means of support is to pray and sing Bhajans or mantras in exchange for a free meal. Though their existence is very basic and, many would say, inadequate, it is better than their previous abusive conditions. Becoming a widow often means being abandoned or abused by their families.

We interviewed three of these women and I will be telling their stories in future posts.

In the meantime a few photos of the Widow of Vrindavan.

Vrindavan Vrindavan-2 Vrindavan-3 Vrindavan-4 Vrindavan-5 Vrindavan-6 Vrindavan-7 Vrindavan-8 Vrindavan-11 Vrindavan-12 Vrindavan-13 Vrindavan-14 Vrindavan-15 Vrindavan-16 Vrindavan-17 Vrindavan-18 Vrindavan-19 Vrindavan-20 Vrindavan-21 Vrindavan-22 Vrindavan-23 Vrindavan-24 Vrindavan-25 Vrindavan-26 Vrindavan-27 Vrindavan-28 Vrindavan-29