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Stille Life Roses


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            how wonderful – from her party! of all of the things i associate with my father’s last days…. try figs! funny story – he died in july when the figs were ripe, and his lifelong friend said, ‘your father wouldn’t like that we were letting these go to waste..’ so for hours we peeled figs, and every fifteen minutes or so doc would poke a fig in my mouth. after about 8 or so, i said, ‘if my stomach is sick tomorrow, it’s your fault…’

            every time i see a fig tree, i am back in that last july of my father’s life.

            i’m glad that you have lovely roses to remember her last birthday. daddy lived about two weeks past his final birthday as well.


  1. Inge

    I can’t agree more with you about the lighting and you have done very well with your still life images. Very nice composition as well. πŸ™‚

  2. ilargia64

    I think it is beautiful! And I DO love the light you got…It is like looking at a Renaissance Italian painting…I agree: you should print it!


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