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"It's the image"
Kumbh Mela 2013


  1. Sweet Sandy


    Enjoyed the photo very much. I’d like to see 130 million of our people walk, barefooted , carrying their water to drink, to the sacred River for a Spiritual Dip!

  2. Phil Wood

    Ron, I’ve recently discovered your blog. What an evocative image. I’m reminded of phrase I heard, setting up my ‘Soul of India’ blog: ‘a journey to the crossroads’. I was told it came from the Sanskrit for meditation.

    • fotograffer

      All of India is amazingly colorful but in this case I thought it would distract from the solemn, serene procession. And I guess I am going through a B&W phase. 🙂

  3. alienheartbeat

    combining the magic and the human. standing still to take pictures during pilgrimages is to some extent standing in harm’s way – crowds in India have a way of becoming unpredictable quickly and when they do you have less than 2 minutes to find a way out. take care.


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