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  1. Playamart - Zeebra Designs

    You’re getting close to my turf now! That Highway 61 is one long stretch of highway through the flatlands! Clarksdale, Shelby, over to Hwy 1 and down to Benoit, (my hometown) Scott – the site of the ’27 break, Greenville, Leland… Hop over to Yazoo City then back to Vicksburg then Natchez…. I could draw maps of all of those places without using Google Earth!

    Enjoy your nostalgic time and say “Hello” to Ole Man River for me.

    • fotograffer

      Better sharpen your crayon. Lynne and I are visiting daughter and family in Southaven, MS in September and are planning to follow the Mississippi to the Gulf . Would love for you the “show us around” some of the must see and little seen sights in you neck of the woods. Are you up for that?

      • Playamart - Zeebra Designs

        yes yes YES! September isn’t that far away! i just pointed my friends hank and marie from ocean springs to new orleans, st. francisville, natchez, vicksburg.. natchez trace.. and they went east from there…

        it will be an honor to point you to special places!


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