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"It's the image"
Spice Market Old Delhi


  1. Tina Schell

    Love this one Ron. So many stories in this one capture. I just finished reading “Beyond the Beautiful Forevers” which I thought was fiction but is actually true. It’s all the people who live in one of India’s slums and is fascinating. Based on your India photos I think you’d love it. Anyway, great post.

    • fotograffer

      Thanks Tina. I read the book soon after it came out. Wonderful. You are so right, it reads like fiction, but then much of the reality of what is India is difficult for us Westerners to comprehend. Such a fascinating country.

  2. The Wanderlust Gene

    Really super shot, Ron – stories everywhere. 🙂 Were you there for the auction and loading? I never saw anything on anywhere near this scale in Sri Lanka, but did from time to time happen upon parts of the trade and was fascinated by the various accounting procedures – from loading/unloading sticks, marks, chocks, etc. The value of the trade, even today, is evidenced by the number of people overseeing each stage of the process – checking that nobody makes off with so much as a whiff of the precious commodities they were handling – all overseen by the Mudalali, of course, pristine in starched white, desk clean, just watching, as his supervisors watched, checked, marked … It was pure drama!

    • fotograffer

      We were there of short while. No auctions going on that I noticed, but chaos everywhere and seemingly many divisions of labor, as in all of India. And that is what makes the country so fascinating. It takes much longer to even begin to understand it all. Thanks for your comment Meredith.

  3. David Priest

    This is a massive photo.Every little section of the picture has details of interest.The shops, stores, buildings, faces, garb, and activity going on,some at rest some at labor and some with their products.The wires and cables, the footwear and headwear. This might break down into a number of great shots.


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