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"It's the image"
Sheldon Church Ruins, South Carolins


  1. Rick Bishop

    I also love to wander the back roadswhen I travel. It is a wonderful way to find some great and interesting subjects to photograph. Can’t wait to see your others in this little book series.

    • fotograffer

      Rick, it was great fun seeking these places out. They are little known and don’t show up on maps. BTW, I took your advice on the Naval Air Museum. Fabulous!Thanks so much for your comment.

  2. Tina Schell

    Beautifully done Ron. You MUST tell me when you’re in the lowcountry – I live about an hour north of Beauford close to Charleston. Would love to meet you and Lynn if you’re nearby! And you’re really ticking me off since I didn’t know about this site and you’ve done such a great job with it!!

    • fotograffer

      We are through the Lowcountry several times a year; we have kids in eastern NC. Would love to meet you and Bailey as well. It amazed us that so few people knew about these sites. Probably just as well.

  3. anotherday2paradise

    Love all of these images, Ron. What a picturesque place for wedding photos, but I can understand the frustration of the family at the thoughtlessness of the smokers, especially. I look forward to seeing more of your discoveries. 🙂

    • fotograffer

      Of course I took the images in color and thought of using them that way but they just didn’t have the emotion and mood the B&W have. Thanks for your thoughtful comment Jason.

  4. bluebrightly

    Very nice photos – I love this part of the south – was lucky to see the Chapel of Ease some years back – and Beaufort – such rich places to wander and soak in the atmosphere.

  5. Mrs. Johnson and the Praise House | Ron Mayhew's Blog

    […] Spending time with Mrs. Johnson, and listening to her stories and her concern for the preservation of the Mary Jenkins Community Praise House, was a rare pleasure. The history and traditions of church life in the Lowcountry are fascinating and we are anxious to continue our exploration, mosquitos be damned. I have posted photo essays previously on the ruins of two pre-Revolutionary War churches. You can read them here and here. […]


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