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"It's the image"
Morro Castle, Havana


  1. Tina Schell

    Wonderful post as always Ron. Not surprised by the lovely exotic cities but stunned by the beauty of Tampa – who knew???!!! And truly love that Dahl quote. Will have to steal that at some future point 🙂

  2. Dalo 2013

    Great series of shots Ron…and I like how you addressed this topic of photography. Best is using the amazing set of images from around the world…and are so diverse themselves. The Morro Castle and Havana shots are my two faves, but all that was outdone by the Roald Dahl quote, one of my favorites 🙂

      • Dalo 2013

        One day I do hope to make it there…as silly as it sounds, I would like to go there before all the old beautiful autos from the 50s are replaced by the generic designs of today. You are lucky to have had such a great experience, and captured it so well.

        • fotograffer

          Not silly at all. You should go sooner rather than later. Havana is slowly be surely loosing its “stuck in the 50’s” charm as the economy and standard of living continues to improve. When, as I hope, Cuba/US relations improve things there will change very quickly.

  3. Gigi Galore

    What a wonderful post! So rich! I like all your quotes but the last is my favourite! plus the Haitian proverb! I am particularly drawn to the rooftops over Havana! It’s like their colour is still crying out against time. 🙂


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