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"It's the image"
Art at the Steel Mill, Sloss Furnace- photo


  1. snaps22

    I love these! The more rust and decay the better as far as I’m concerned and what a great place to explore! I love your HDR images which are not too ‘overcooked’ and the black and white conversion works perfectly.

  2. Salvatore Anastasio

    Ron – great, great, “gutsy” photos – truly great photographic art. I am forwarding it to several friends. Sal

  3. Jayanta Kumar Mitra.

    I,being a Mechanical Engineer (at present 68 years old) recall the old golden days and thank RON for presenting the Photographs of the Plant and Machines which were in operation to modernize the World.They are still relevant.


  4. catbirdinamerica

    Ron, I love going to abandoned industrial factories like this and taking photos. I’ve only done it once so far, but I hope to do it again soon. These photos are fabulous, and in black and white, they really capture the haunted mood. I love this post. I’ll have to hop over and see Lynn’s post too. 🙂


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