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"It's the image"
Biggin Church Ruins photo


  1. catbirdinamerica

    Ron, these ruins are amazing. I love your black and white photos of them; the whole series is very atmospheric, ghostly, even. Appropriate given the history! I look forward to coming along to explore more of your ruins. 🙂

  2. Dalo 2013

    There is something about history when you see it right in front of you ~ these photos definitely do it justice (the B&W captures great contrast). Coming from the Pacific Northwest, difficult to connect to this part of US history. Great verse and photos.

    • fotograffer

      I can see how it would be difficult to connect. Yet, the U.S. has such a short history compared to most of the world. Thanks for your comment on the B&W.

      • Dalo 2013

        Agree, it is strange at times to come across ruins that are thousands of years old elsewhere in the world ~ versus a few hundred in the USA ~ but then it is always incredible to see how men, just a few generations removed for us today, dealt with the opportunity/risk of the New World.

  3. Tina Schell

    Another wonderful post Ron. It’s ticking me off that you’re exploring more of my “neighborhood” than I am :-). I gotta get out and shoot my own backyard LOL!


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