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"It's the image"
5 Brothers Grocery photo


  1. inyctophobic

    The title of this one led me to read further. Why? Because to Cubans, bollo, is another nickname for the vagina. I have never heard of an actual meal being called this. LOL.
    Key West is awesome.

    • fotograffer

      We all have our talents, I suppose. Mine certainly is not painting, however. Your work continues to amaze. Thanks a much for your kind comment Lisa.

  2. Gigi Galore

    Utterly gorgeous 🙂 And so yummy to read …. You have whet my appetite! We don’t get much Cuban food around here so probably porridge will have to do … Sounds boring doesn’t it? Maybe I will have miso soup instead! 🙂

  3. catbirdinamerica

    I like the effect you created through the Lightroom processing, Ron. It almost looks like a painting. I just wish I could have enjoyed the visuals of your enticing lunch!! It sounded perfect. 🙂


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