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  1. The Wanderlust Gene

    I fear I’m no use re the iPhone/iPad transfer and post problem – I’m having trouble with my new banking security device, can you imagine me trying to sync photos and words on the cloud? Christine Whitelaw, bless her, used her iPad (plus normal camera) when she was travelling and though I don’t know the specifics, she said it was easy peasy after the first time – it was called “Blogsy” – have a look and see.

    The detail shots are fantastic, through this medium, Ron (in fact, the wood, especially, makes me want to touch … feel the warmth from the sun, the weathered textures … ). I’d be very interested to know what they look like printed up. Angeline said hers look fine, but I’m like you, I don’t (can’t? won’t?) believe they hold up against our cameras = especially yours!

    Funny how our enjoyment is diminished when others are there experiencing the wonders we’re oohing at 🙂

    • fotograffer

      Thanks for your Blogsy suggestion. I’ll check it out. I have been using Blog Pad Pro and I had success with it on my upcoming post. I always photographing wood objects, especially weathered wood. The tactile quality seems to transfer through to the photo.

      I agree with you about printing phone photos. Given the tiny sensor size, etc. I don’t think one could get a suitable print, not a very big one anyway. Thank you Meredith.

  2. Tish Farrell

    Love the way you turned a disadvantage (too many people) into opportunity. Whatever the shortcomings of your devices, these are very arresting shots, especially the light and shade effects on the shingles and the white clap-board and window.

  3. catbirdinamerica

    Taking detail photos is the only way to go when a place is inundated with hordes of people. Nice photos, though! I’m not a big fan of iPhone photos either, as I think the quality is not as good as a real camera, but these are quite nice. I love your camera pictures more though! The black and white is nice for these details. 🙂

    • fotograffer

      And that’s the problem, isn’t it. The quality of the phone images are not all that good. I’ll never fore sake my “real camera.” Thanks Cathy.

  4. Tina Schell

    Great details Ron, and I share your frustration with the mobile apps for WordPress. I’ve posted from my ipad twice and had issues both times. My advice is to give up and use a small laptop instead. That was my solution anyway!

    • fotograffer

      I did my upcoming post with the ipad and all went well. Image quality is what gives me pause. I think the rest is doable. Thanks for your comment Tina. Your solution is probably the best one.


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