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Paris - City of Love Photo


  1. Sophie L.

    Great set of this wonderful town (I live nearby) but I hope love is everywhere 😉
    (my favorites are the last one, the one at the cemetery and the one on Louvre )
    Have a nice sunday

  2. Tina Schell

    Wow Ron, I may nominate you for a Voyeur award on this one LOL. You sure caught lots of action on your visit. So sad to see what Paris looked like this past week versus the lovely shots you captured during your visit. Nicely done.

    • fotograffer

      Thanks, I think. When we were there in September everyone, it seemed, was in love, and unbasadily so. The post had been scheduled for some time and a almost pulled it because of recent events. But then thought all the more reason to post it. As always, thanks Tuma.

  3. Dalo 2013

    This is a beautiful theme ~ and with this series of photos I could not help but smile and feel great… As you perfectly state: “everything you do is shrouded in the glow of romance” and any place in the world that can do that is some place special. This series will have me smiling for a while ~ great shots Ron and such a perfect look at this city.


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