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  1. Dennis Wagoner

    I share your sentiments about tattoos! Great pictures though. I have been working on my low-light photography techniques lately. I just got a Sony a6000. Spent most of last night downloading firmware updates for the camera and my lenses. Looking to try it out tonight!

      • Dennis Wagoner

        So far so good!

        I really like it for the bug and flower pictures which is where I spend most of my time. The color and detail are excellent. The processing to JPEG does a good job of retaining those details too, so I have done almost no work in RAW. With the jump from 16MP to 24MP, that allows me to crop a little closer for blog pics too. It processes the pictures much faster than the Nex where I got into some annoying delays at times.

        It has an eye viewer that the Nex did not – that is a big help on the sunny days!!

        The menu system is much cleaner.

        I have used the 45deg downward tilt LCD and that is great. (I absolutely do not miss being able to move the LCD around for a selfie!)

        I have not had a chance to use the auto focus yet in any rigorous way so my opinion is still pending. I just got around to reprogramming my lenses with the new auto focus software. Overall, though, I don’t use auto focus that often but it is supposed to be a big improvement over the Nex, so we will see.

        I have only done a couple of night shots but they turned out well. I am waiting for a full (or near full) moon to play with ISO, aperture and shutter settings.

        I have not come across any downsides yet other than I had to order an $8 hot shoe cover for it. Why wouldn’t Sony throw that into the box too?

  2. catbirdinchina

    Great photos, Ron, and I love those quotes, especially the Jimmy Buffett one. It’s such a perfect summation of why people might get tattoos. It’s beyond me as well; I never think they improve a person’s looks, but the free spirit and adventurous spirit of those who get them make me a little envious. As for your new Olympus, I’m curious about it. I’ve been shooting for about 5 years now with my Olympus PEN EPL-1 and I need a new camera. I was thinking of going to a Canon, but maybe I should consider this new Olympus. What do you think? I’ve been happy with my Olympus except in low-light situations and for distance shots. I’d love to know your thoughts. 🙂

    • fotograffer

      Thank you, Cathy. As I said, my Olympus is exceeding my expectations, especially in low light. For me, it is the perfect travel camera. Small as SLRs go and light weight. They are not as obtrusive as the big DSLRs when photographing people. Plus you could continue to use your lenses. It has way more features than most of us need, but it can be used just in program mode and produce excellent photos. I’d say it is every bit as good as entry level Canons or Nikons but in a smaller package. Email me if you more questions.

      • catbirdinchina

        Thanks for sharing your experience with the Olympus. I’ve always loved my old Olympus for the size as well; it’s not too bulky to carry while traveling. I need to seriously figure out which new camera to buy, so I may email you later, when I have time to research the different options. I don’t have any extra lenses, so that isn’t a constraint. Thanks, Ron!

  3. anotherday2paradise

    Great captures, Ron. I so agree with your title. 🙂 My grandma had an anchor tattoo on her arm from the war years. She was very self conscious about it and always wore long sleeves even in hot weather. 😕


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