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"It's the image"
Life in Budapest, Hungary


  1. kerbey

    Clearly smoking is alive and well there! In the first shot, it looks like the woman, who is probably Hungarian but still looks like a lady matador upon first glance, is beaming up at Mr.Trendy’s hair, impressed by how it so seamlessly matches the color of his skinny khakis. And he’s exhaling, thinking, “I’m not that into you. Where can I get some more menthols?” The second one is all about the amber/yellow, but it’s interesting how there is a perfectly good bench and the woman had decided she cannot possibly sit on it in a conventional way; she will sit on the armrest instead. I also like how the musician w/ the addiction has his arm around his instrument in a proprietary way, almost like she is his woman.

  2. gaiainaction

    Just been to Budapest for first visit recently and loved it. I like the way that you captured the people, whereas I looked more at the buildings. Love your photos, a great look at Budapest.

  3. Dalo 2013

    Such a diverse and beautiful look at this city ~ there is nothing better than sitting down and getting to know the people and town, which it looks like you are doing well. Cheers to your adventure!


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