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"It's the image"
Shadow Play photo


  1. Tish Farrell

    Moments of spot-lit intimacy captured by a passing stranger – what an interesting paradox – like the play of light and shade. Wonderful photos.

  2. Dalo 2013

    Wow, another incredible series of photos Ron ~ truly art. The 4th and 5th shot mesmerize with the angles and perspective, but the man in the window would have to be my favorite…something powerful in the shot. And as you said, you used the shadows very well. Cheers!

    • fotograffer

      When I stopped fighting the contrasts light I started trying to incorporate it into the compositions, it was liberating. The guy selling water in the little cubicle did make for an interesting image. Randall, thanks for you generous comment.

      • Dalo 2013

        There is something about finding the right contrasts and being able to use light & shadow within a scene. Sometimes it clicks for me, and it is great fun (of course, there are many times it does not!). The shots you have here are a good example of when it all comes together.

  3. catbirdinamerica

    I love this post, Ron. It’s inspiring. I often put aside my photos with too many shadows, thinking they’re ruined. But now I think I will look at them with a fresh eye, and try to decide whether the shadows make the composition more interesting. It is frustrating when traveling. If we are lucky enough to be at a place in those magic hours, it’s great, but too often, we’re out seeing the sights in the middle of the day, when the sun is too bright. These photos are great, and the shadows really do make the composition more interesting. 🙂

  4. Bill Jones, Jr.

    These are wonderful photos. I think it was NY Times’ great photo editor (and Magnum member), John Morris, who said, “If you want to make something look interesting, don’t light all of it.” These, especially the man in the dumbwaiter or whatever that box it, perfectly illustrate that.

    • fotograffer

      Thanks, Bill for your comment. So interesting you mentioned John Morris. I met him in Paris a few years ago. He was in his mid 90″s and sharp as a tack. A real honor. People talk about shooting during the golden hour, blue hour, etc. and they are absolutely right. But harsh light adds drama. I say shoot with whatever light is at hand. Again, thanks.

  5. Evangelina07

    I have been to India as well but didn’t go to Varanasi. It’s a place I really want to go too. I really loved India, so I very much enjoyed your photographs. They are excellent.
    Thanks for sharing.


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