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  1. Alison and Don

    Wonderful photographs Ron. I especially like the third one, and the one where the wallah is looking back at his passenger. I can’t even imagine a life like that. It reminded me of our pedicab driver and his broken down old pedicab in Trinidad, Cuba. He was fifty and worked so hard hauling people up and down the hills. His “brakes” were down to metal on metal and screeched like a strangled cat. I wish I’d been able to buy him a new bike. We’re so very lucky.

    • fotograffer

      Thanks so much Alison. To a large extent, the caste system in India determines one’s occupation. While in Cuba many educated teachers, health care professionals, etc. can make more monet with a pedicab than the careers they trained for. Socialism runs amuck.

      • Alison and Don

        I was in Cuba last February and am just now putting together the second blog post about it. Cuba was fascinating, frustrating, confounding. Both countries are poor, but there’s a whole different energy in India that’s for sure.

  2. afoodfulday

    Life is not exactly easy in a third world developing country.
    Also the distribution of literacy is not equal in india.
    Although Kolkata is one of the most educated cities, me being a kolkatan myself, making a living here is hard.
    Also amazing photographs!

    • fotograffer

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. It strikes me that making a living for all but a very few is very difficult in India and much of the world.

  3. intrepid8

    Damn. I concur. I hate seeing people pull others like they’re cattle or something. Still, you remind us it’s not entirely one-sided with the wallahs taking pride in it.


    • fotograffer

      The caste system is difficult for most Westerners to comprehend. The system has been outlawed officially but still, flourishes in much of India. Thanks.


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