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  1. Dalo 2013

    I’m hoping that the people of Cuba and the influx of tourists will be a very positive experience for both sides…likely to be fragile at times, but from what I have heard about the culture it will not only survive, but thrive with these new opportunities. It would be exciting to be able to view, watch and admire this transition. Look forward to see your views and photos as time move on.

    • fotograffer

      I hope so too. I think most Cubans are guardedly optimistic. They are amazingly clever and tenacious and make to best of what they have, so yes, I agree, they will thrive. Thanks, Randall.

  2. anotherday2paradise

    Oh dear! I guess it’s good news for the Cuban people, but sad to think that it’s bound to change the magical aura which you’ve so often portrayed here through your wonderful photos.

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  4. lumar1298

    Change is slow to come to its people… The government keeps getting richer, but doesn’t spread the wealth with the people. I know! My entire family is still there…

  5. Skip S

    If the access to life’s basics of food, shelter and clothing is improved for the average Cuban than the changes that are taking place have my approval. I agree that the Cubans are a proud people and will survive. I would also love to see the beauty of Havana be revived along with the restoration of the many ‘Yank Tanks”.

    • fotograffer

      Life in Cuba is improving, albeit, slowly. What effect the lifting of the embargo will have remains to be seen. I would hope the Cuban government would make Havana’s preservation a priority. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Skip.

  6. maristravels

    I share your fears for Cuba. Capitalism is hard to resist even while we know it is not under our control, and I worry that the Cubans hard won sense of nationality will be lost. And don’t forget there are faceless ones and men in suits with long memories who want revenge for what they saw as robbery by Fidel of their rights.


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